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Our industry has been working for decades on establishing a list of skills and competencies that fit our roles, work for all organisations and positions, and capture what it means to be a communicator.

At Kademy we’ve taken a unique and comprehensive view of this challenge and have developed the Communication Skills and Competency Framework that underpins the assessment you’re about to take. It’s available in full for Kademy members, but in this ‘lite’ version you get the opportunity to score yourself against the eight skills and can also compare your current skillset with Kademy’s benchmark of communications professionals.

Take this FREE assessment today and you’ll be able to:


See how your skills measure up against Kademy’s benchmark of communication professionals.


Understand your communications strengths and weaknesses, based on our robust framework that’s trusted by communications leaders.


Gain insight into the areas you can improve, with tips on how to close your skills gaps.


Get instant results, available online and also in your personalised report.

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