Our process

Tailored professional development and leadership support for communications teams

How we partner with you

When you join Kademy, we’ll work together from the start to build a tailored, ongoing development programme that supports each individual in your comms team. For some this may be skills training, whilst for others it may be 1-2-1 coaching or expert project support. We‘ll partner with you to identify those needs and ensure we build your team’s development programme in a way that engages and upskills every individual and sets the whole group up for success. Here’s how it works:
First we get to know each other
We recognise that every business is different and every comms function has its own challenges and priorities. That’s why we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your team, your circumstances, and your goals, to make sure we create the best programme and can effectively track and measure success.

Next, we recommend using our Communication Skills and Competency Assessment to assess and benchmark your team’s current capabilities. This additional layer of understanding ensures that we design a team training programme that focuses on your biggest development gaps and guarantees the greatest impact.

Understand your team's capabilities
Build your tailored programme
Using all this information, we build a customised development programme for your team using our unique combination of robust learning design, subject matter expertise and cutting edge technology. Your hybrid learning programme will include live workshops and on-demand modules as well as coaching, 1-2-1 project support, and peer-to-peer learning that enables global teams to:

  • Create common language, knowledge, and understanding
  • Engage with stakeholders in ways that build the value and credibility of your function
  • Focus on high-value work that connects to the strategic priorities of the business
  • Identify and remove blocks to efficiency
  • Foster a culture of curiosity, learning and ongoing improvement
At Kademy we’re not about ‘a nice training day’. We aim to change behaviours and meaningfully improve communicators’ performance and profile over the long-term. Our deep knowledge of comms and focus on the practical application of what you learn ensure that your team comes away with the confidence and capability to take what they’ve learned and apply it immediately.

  • Workbooks and ‘plug and play’ templates
  • Role plays and case studies
  • Manager guides to support meaningful development conversations and reinforce learning
  • Suggestions for exercises to use in subsequent team meetings or away days
  • Trainer debriefs including insights for the comms leader on themes, blocks and new ideas raised during the training
  • Continued, unlimited learning and in-the-moment feedback on the Kademy platform
Deliver learning that sticks
Assess impact and plan next steps
Your Account Manager will work with you every step of the way – tracking progress and adjusting as needed to deliver results at an individual and team level. Our reporting provides you with a variety of metrics ranging from usage and participation rates to knowledge/confidence shifts, team insights and the all-important behaviour changes. Professional development is an ongoing process, so once any single programme is complete, we’ll be on-hand to discuss what’s next to ensure your team keeps developing and is fit to face your next set of challenges and priorities.

Find out how Kademy can help you

When you join Kademy, we’ll work together from the start to build a tailored, ongoing development programme that supports each individual in your comms team.