During a recent Kademy roundtable, Designing Resilient Organisational Structures, comms leaders from a variety of industries shared their advice, decisions, and strategies for restructuring their functions to achieve greater alignment with business priorities, upskill their communicators around the world, and lower the costs of redundancy.

Below are 10 pieces of advice for other communication leaders who may already be in the process of restructuring or are about to start:

  1. Co-create structures with your stakeholders and teams…resist the temptation to put it together for them.
  2. Prioritise early wins to deepen support for long-haul changes.
  3. Consult with stakeholders early and often to build buy-in over time, not just at the outset.
  4. Respect the company structure while you work on changing your own.
  5. Iterate on governance as you go with the expectation that everyone likes to chime in.
  6. Focus on people as much as, if not more than, processes.
  7. Create self-service mechanisms that emphasise empowerment and alignment.
  8. Use meaningful projects to upskill your people and advance their careers.
  9. Restructuring is a journey with multiple iterations, not a singular destination.
  10. Alignment gets people involved, sometimes by asking them to hold off on communicating.

We’ve include these tips in our Quick Start Guide: Organisational Structures for Communication Leaders that’s designed to help you:

  • Know the variety of operating models and organisational structures.
  • Understand how org structures and operating models are connected, can be used in pure form or hybridised, and are always evolving.
  • Identify opportunities to solve operating problems through an agile organisational structure.

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