Finding the right balance when communicating about diversity and inclusion (D&I) can be challenging. In the past D&I was thought of almost as a type of compliance training that was done to avoid law suits or tick a box for an annual report, and people were reticent about talking about it for fear of offending or not really cutting through.

Today though, things are changing for the better and there are lots of actions that you can take to make a positive difference, build empathy within your organisation and support an open workplace culture that’s accepting of differences.

  • Be aware of conscious and unconscious biases – notice when a bias is creeping in and commit to correcting it.
  • Actively call out stereotyping in teams and peers.
  • Share about yourself in open and authentic ways to create trust and encourage those around you to do the same.
  • Engage your leadership and create opportunities for them to model desired attitudes and behaviours, and drive home the organisation’s commitment to D&I
  • Create the conditions where people from minority groups can give advice on what words they do and don’t like being used and use that language across your messaging.

How does this translate into your day-to-day work as a communicator? In the short video below, D&I expert Charlotte Butler from specialist inclusion consultancy, Altogether Different shares six pointers for supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace through your actions as a communicator:

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