Knowing when, what and how to measure can be challenging for communicators, and it’s all too easy to default to what’s quick and easy – like measuring clicks and likes or sending out another survey. The result is a data set that isn’t as meaningful as it could be and audiences that are inundated with endless survey requests.

Being clear about your campaign objectives from the start can help break this cycle and focus your metrics on objectives rather than activities. Thinking more creatively about how you gather data can also make a big difference. Here are six alternatives to a survey to get you started:

1. Use alternative tools

There are lots of creative online tools that are more interesting than asking people to tick a box or leave a comment – Mentimeter, wordclouds, Slido and Creately are just a few examples. These programs engage participants with live polls, Q&A, quizzes, and word clouds allowing you to gather feedback in real time and foster greater interaction and connectivity whether in person or virtual.

2. Mine the data you already have

Challenge yourself to look differently at the data you already have and seek out additional sources of information that may have been gathered by other parts of the organisation. Existing data may be helpful to set baselines or analyze trends to see where things are headed.

3. Ask around

Want to know how a message has landed in a certain business unit or location? Call 3-5 people and ask! The people you speak to can share their views, what they’re hearing from colleagues, and suggest others you can talk to for more feedback.

4. ‘Piggyback’ on existing surveys

Rather than create another survey, check what else is going out and include additional questions. Just be sure the added questions are on topic and don’t make the survey too lengthy.

5. Listen and observe

Use focus groups, interviews, and leader listening sessions to capture deeper insights and observe non-verbal cues. Not only will this provide you with rich insights, but it is an opportunity to connect leaders with their teams.

6. Monitor social platforms

Reactions, responses, and comments on social platforms are a great way to get a temperature check on the organisation. Regular content analysis will give you a gauge on how people are responding to events, news, and campaigns.


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