2020 was an exceptional year for the comms function and the reality of where we shone and where we fell short is coming into focus for comms leaders and their teams. In this report we use Kademy data* to present a snapshot of the current state of communication skills and competencies and make recommendations about what needs to change for our industry to continue to be successful.

  • Obvious gaps in capability have emerged
    Communication leaders needs to better understand their teams’ proficiency across all skills and competencies to lessen extremes and identify gaps that may be impacting performance.
  • Widespread uncertainty has hindered planning
    Communicators need to elevate their thinking about planning to incorporate more business acumen and a strategic lens.
  • High levels of change show no signs of slowing
    48% of communicators rated change as one of their two lowest skills. A change of mindset is necessary – from managing a single change initiative to facilitating an organisation that’s change-ready.
  • Remote working has complicated the building and maintaining of stakeholder relationships
    40% of communicators rated A Curious Coach as their lowest scoring competency. Communicators need to shift from relying on their (often assumed) natural ability in this area to being more structured in their approach.
  • Specialists are needed during times of change
    Comms leaders must be willing to look hard at their teams and commit to getting everyone to an acceptable level of performance, while assigning specialists where they can benefit the organisation the most.

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* Aggregated data from 209 self-assessments taken from Kademy’s skills and competency assessment tool over a 12-month period

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