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As GenAI continues to develop at a rapid rate, so do its capabilities. Most of us are aware that GenAI can help communicators create and edit content, but there are a whole host of other capabilities too – from data collection and analysis to campaign planning and management.

Ultimately, understanding the wide range of GenAI use cases is critical to unlocking its potential to support you and your team’s day-to-day work. That’s why Kademy has developed a handy overview of GenAI use cases for comms – to help you get to grips with the different capabilities.


Create, deliver and capture value in comms

At Kademy, we think of GenAI capabilities as helping communicators to create, deliver and capture comms value.

1. Creating comms value covers GenAI’s content ideation and generation capabilities – from creating new content (text, audio, video or visual) to editing and revising new or existing content.

2. Delivering comms value includes capabilities that enhance processes and support planning such as automating campaigns and workflows and translating copy into multiple languages.

3. Capturing comms value covers GenAI’s ability to collect and analyse real-time data so you can identify patterns and trends, refine content, better understand audiences and analyse sentiment.


Using our framework, we’ve popped the different use cases into a handy one-pager. You can download a PDF copy here.

Genai use cases for comms - kademy


Identify which capabilities you can use now

With more familiarity with the various GenAI use cases for comms, you can consider which capabilities offer the most immediate value for your team. It might be helpful to identify your biggest inefficiencies and explore which GenAI tools could save time and boost productivity. For instance, could GenAI streamline meeting notes and capture and generate action points?

Our discussions with comms leaders reveal that they anticipate inquiries from executives about how GenAI can enhance value and productivity in the comms function. By pinpointing how GenAI can support your team both now and in the future, you’ll be well-prepared to engage in informed conversations with your business leaders.


Get a sense of where your team is today

As you think about integrating GenAI into your team, you’ll want to get a sense of your team’s current skills and preparedness. That’s why we’ve developed our new GenAI Readiness Survey for Communicators. Using our create, deliver and capture framework, our tool gauges your team’s knowledge and confidence in using GenAI for various comms tasks.

The survey provides data insights to help you identify skills gaps so you can support your team’s ongoing learning and development. Not only that, it will increase your team’s comfort with GenAI’s different capabilities and how they can use it in their comms roles. As one survey participant told us:

“It’s really helped me to understand the scope of how GenAI can support me in my work.”

Want a walk-through of the survey? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to give you a live demo.


Want to help your comms team make the most of AI?

Do you want to harness the potential of GenAI for your comms function?

Join our webinar on 2 May 2024, where we’ll be sharing insights from AI thought leaders and real-world case studies, to give you:

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  • Peer-validated tips for approaching GenAI adoption.
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  • A list of smart questions to ask on your GenAI journey.