As a former Kademy client now turned Kademy team member, it’s safe to say I’m a believer and a huge proponent of all Kademy’s offerings for communications teams. But I’m especially fond of one in particular: The Kademy Keystone Communicator Series.

The Keystone Communicator Series is a highly interactive, hybrid training programme that equips communicators with the core skills they need to be successful as a communicator today. With a mix of self-paced learning and live virtual workshops, communicators have opportunities to practice and embed what they learn to ensure that new skills are translated into day-to-day behaviours.

The Keystone Communicator Series covers three main areas:

1. Creating strategic value through communication

Working in complex and noisy environments, communicators need a well-grounded understanding of the core value comms adds to the business and how this value gets created. Learners will improve their business acumen and understand what’s changed in communications and what this means for communicators today.

2. Strategic conversations with leaders

Through demonstration and detailed role-play, communicators will improve their confidence in approaching conversations with leaders and will be able to lead project briefing conversations with stakeholders. This enables communicators to get the critical pieces of information and levels of collaboration they need to design campaigns that achieve comms objectives and create real value for the business, while also increasing their credibility and partnerships.

3. Agile campaign planning

Using Kademy’s 4-step agile planning cycle for any size communication project, your communicators will be equipped with a common planning process and language to use across the team, so they can respond quickly and strategically to changing business needs. Communicators will develop skills and understanding around audience insights and how these influence comms objectives, metrics, key messages, and channel selection.

With the Kademy Keystone Communicator Series, your team will have greater business acumen and communications knowledge, increased confidence, and work in consistent, credible ways that enhance the reputation of your function within the organisation. They’ll be able to think critically about incoming requests and challenges to get to the best outcomes.


You can learn more about the Keystone Communicator Series here, or if you’d like to discuss how it could support your team’s professional development, get in touch.