A 100-day plan is a great way to keep you focused on the right things during the first three months in a new role so that you’re set up for success in the longer term. In Kademy’s Insider’s Guide to Comms, we share a four-step process for creating your own plan.

  1. Research: Get to know your business and build your network

It’s tempting to want to start ‘doing’ from day one, but it’s important that you spend time getting to know the business, surfacing the real issues and building trust with stakeholders before jumping in. Taking the time to listen and learn will add credibility to yourself, your team and your work and reduce the risk of making misguided changes or recommendations going forward.

  1. Review: Gather enough insight to be comfortable making recommendations

What did you learn from step one? Write it down and note any key themes that are emerging. Compare what different stakeholders are saying. What are the materials you’re reading showing you? What’s the information you’re gathering telling you about how best to approach your new role?

  1. Respond: Deliver and contribute

When you’re ready, be confident in sharing your existing knowledge, ideas and experience and acting on what you’ve learnt to deliver some quick wins. There may be some tactical work your new manager has asked you to complete within the first month –complete it. Perhaps a colleague is struggling to complete a task and you step in to support them, or a leader needs urgent help during a busy period, and you deliver.

  1. Run with it: Write your longer-term plan – the one you’ve been hired to deliver

Where are there gaps you can see and address? What have stakeholders told you that you now believe needs to be acted upon? If you have a team, how can you build their capabilities? How will you measure success?

Remember your own development too – identify two or three skills or competencies to focus on in your first six months. Kademy’s skills and competencies assessment tool is a great way to assess yourself and can facilitate conversations with your manager.



Are you new to your company or new to communications? Kademy’s Insider’s Guide to Communications has lots of support to set you up for success. To find out more contact us on hello@kademygroup.com.

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