As communicators we think about how to get the most out of new technology almost every day. We’re communicating in new ways, through new digital channels and reaching new audiences. However very few communicators are thinking about how they could harness this new technology to help themselves.

Now’s the time for change. Here are 5 reasons why communicators should be considering virtual learning:

  1. It’s already happening
    People are already going online for help. According to Treion Muller’s 7 Consumer Realities report, on average people look at their phones 47 times a day and 96% of people turn to their phones and search for the answer in moments of need.

Without any guidance on relevant resources to use, it’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed with opinions, misled by poor-quality information or distracted by cat videos. Having a convenient, accessible virtual learning platform helps to create consistency across a team and provide credible answers in the moment.

  1. It’s scalable

Time and time again we’ve heard from communication leaders who feel like they’re unable to offer the same opportunities for development across their whole team. They’re restricted by training locations, team locations, travel bans, budgets, course availability and timing…the list goes on. The result is that they’re forced to cherry pick who in their team gets a cut of the development budget, which can lead to resentment and engagement issues.

Virtual learning offers a flexible and inclusive way to train entire teams, regardless of where they’re located and what or when they want to learn.

  1. It’s vital to retaining top talent

According to a Korn Ferry poll of nearly 5,000 professionals, the top reason people were looking for a new job in 2018 was because they were bored and wanted a new challenge. Most communication teams don’t have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the most exciting projects, and can’t offer endless promotions or job swaps. But those aren’t the only ways to make people feel like they’re being challenged.

Investing in their teams’ development and providing the opportunity for continuous learning is another great option for communication leaders. For newer team members it can provide a solid onboarding and invaluable exposure to the breadth of key communication topics. For more seasoned communicators, it provides the opportunity to think critically about their day-to-day or ‘how they’ve always done it’ and challenge themselves to do it better. It also offers everyone the chance to stay relevant and get inspired by learning about what’s going on in other organisations.

  1. It allows for different learning styles and paces

Everyone has a predominant learning style – visual, auditory, verbal, social. When done well, virtual learning can offer different formats that can accommodate for different styles and optimise outcomes. Most people’s biggest concern about virtual learning is that you lose the opportunity to learn from others. But this doesn’t have to be the case. The best virtual learning solutions will provide the opportunity for rich interaction with peers, trainers and coaches on an ongoing basis.

  1. Your budget will go further

In comparison to traditional classroom training, virtual learning offers cost savings in travel, venue hire, time out of the office but perhaps most importantly, it enables leaders to develop many more people for their money. The best solutions allow for unmetered access throughout the year, allowing each member of the team to take as many courses as they need to meet their specific development requirements, without compromising on quality.

At Kademy we’re inspiring communicators with a new approach to learning. With our simple membership model, we enable entire communications team to access facilitated virtual courses on a range of topics. Also included with every membership are powerful networking opportunities and insightful one-on-one coaching, making Kademy a professional development resource capable of delivering meaningful results for everyone.

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