GenAI for communicators

Help your team embrace the potential of Generative AI in their daily work.
As GenAI continues to develop rapidly, so do the opportunities available to communicators. However, many comms teams lack the knowledge and skills required to harness the full potential of GenAI – and so risk getting left behind.

[This workshop] confirmed that AI is a tool not to be afraid of it. Embrace it and free up time for more creative thinking.

Workshop participant

That’s why we’ve developed GenAI for communicators, an interactive workshop designed to bring your team up to speed on the fundamentals of GenAI. Your team will have the opportunity to:

Explore what GenAI means for them as communicators and identify the ways they can leverage GenAI to free up time for higher value and more meaningful work.

Get practical tips on using GenAI as their ‘comms co-pilot’ and hear what peers are doing in this space.

Hear the latest on the evolving GenAI landscape, including new capabilities and ongoing risks.

Explore what they can do to develop their capabilities and experiment safely with GenAI.

Benefits that will elevate your communication team:

Boost confidence and understanding of GenAI to unlock untapped potential for your comms function.

Establish your team as forward-thinking GenAI adopters within your organisation.

Build a solid foundation of GenAI knowledge across the entire comms team.

How it works:

  • 90-minute live workshop that can be delivered across a global team.
  • Lead by expert facilitators.
  • Interactive session geared to knowledge exchange and problem solving through social learning and sharing.
  • Practical tools and templates on the Kademy platform to support ongoing learning and development.

What comms leaders say about Kademy training:

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It’s given my team the confidence that they’re adding value to the business.

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It’s boosted collaboration on our team.

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We’ve found that we’ve quickly amplified the value our team brings to the entire business by creating a consistent approach to stakeholder conversations.

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It’s helped to develop our future communication leaders to be able to influence, negotiate and define value.

Prepare your team to embrace GenAI. Get in touch.
Prepare your team to embrace GenAI. Get in touch.