Coaching at DOIG


This confidential, external resource is designed to support you in navigating any challenges you might be coming up against personally and to help us continue to excel as leaders at DOIG.

Whilst you don’t have to have a specific topic or have anything pre-prepared for a coaching session, there are specific situations where coaching can help:

  • Managing critical and/or problematic relationships
  • Navigating a particularly challenging time period or project
  • Leading and/or engaging a team experiencing uncertainty or change
  • Settling into a new or recently expanded role
  • Building self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, behaviour patterns and habits
  • Developing greater resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking

You can learn more about how to use your coaching most effectively here.




How does it work?

  1. Pick a coach from the list below. We recommend you think about what might be most helpful for you in terms of the coaches’ experience, expertise and style.
  2. Use the ‘Schedule time with…’ link to schedule time directly into their calendar.
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation with virtual meeting room details and a short questionnaire for you to complete ahead of your first session.
Justine williams

Justine Williams

Justine is an accomplished communications Executive and accredited leadership coach. With more than 20 years of experience in the US and the UK, she has a strong track record in leading teams to deliver results. 

Coaching Style
Justine brings compassion, challenge and intuition to the coaching relationship. She’s committed to supporting leaders in creating deeper awareness, self-confidence and transformation in their lives.

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Ann-mari freebairn

Ann-Mari Freebairn

A trained executive coach, Ann-Mari has 20 years of marcomms experience. One of her key strengths is helping leaders develop the necessary vision, culture and ways of working for teams to consistently improve performance and deliver excellent results.

Coaching Style
Ann-Mari brings warmth, energy, and deep connection to the coaching relationship, as well as the ability to challenge leaders and hold them accountable. She acts as a sounding board for increased insight, clarity and focus, and to help identify and build on talents and strengths.

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Jenna clarke

Jenna Clarke

Jenna is an accredited ICF coach and trainer, and also brings 20 years of journalism and communications experience to Kademy. She has created and managed global teams for international organisations in the areas of media relations, change management, crisis communications and internal communications.

Coaching Style
Jenna’s deep empathy, humour, support and drive for results inspires leaders to confidently expand their comfort zone. She challenges leaders to explore different perspectives to break chronic and unhelpful thought patterns with a concrete and achievable plan of action.

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