How to thrive as a new comms leader

When starting a new position, you’re likely to feel excited and keen to roll up your sleeves, but it’s also completely normal to feel a bit daunted and unsure about where to start.

This is where a 100-Day Plan comes in – it’s a way to create structure around your first three months while you find your footing. Download this guide today and get practical advice on how to:


Be patient, give yourself time and avoid imposter syndrome


Identify and understand the stakeholders that will be key to your success


Make an immediate impact by delivering quick wins


Build and get started with your own 100-day plan

Creating a 100-day plan for new comms leaders - kademy

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Very relevant, practical and insightful. Will definitely enhance the impact communicators can make on business partners.
Head - Communications & Medical Education


Great course! Simple to understand, but valuable content to help me demonstrate the value of my position to the business.
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I thought it was excellent and something I’ll be looking at again and again. Its clearly focused me to stop and think before saying ‘yes’ to my stakeholders. Thank you.
Internal Communications Lead