How to lead a high-performing comms team - webinar playback

How do you create and retain high-performers in your comms team? How do you establish career paths and clear development opportunities at a time when the team is facing a capacity-crunch?

If you, like many comms leaders, are asking yourself these types of questions, this webinar playback will help. Kademy coach Helen Humphreys drew on her experiences of leading comms teams of up to 250 communicators at companies including Lloyds, M&S and Centrica, to provide some ideas and solutions.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get practical advice for developing and engaging your team, including:

  • Creative ways to use your team structure to create roles that support development
  • How to use the rest of the organisation to bring in new perspectives and skills that reduce your workload and create opportunities for the team to learn from others
  • Effective use of projects, campaigns and internal networks to give your team opportunities to develop and learn new skills