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The highest performing comms teams keep their skills up-to-date and use ongoing learning to reinforce strategic behaviours.

Unlimited, on-demand training

When your team has more knowledge and greater confidence, they work in consistent, credible ways that enhance the reputation of your function within the organisation. They’re able to think critically about incoming requests and challenges to get to the best outcomes, and understand that the business must always come first.

Kademy members report a 43% increase in knowledge and 52% increase in confidence* after taking one of our courses.

As members, you’ll get unlimited, on-demand access to a range of communication training courses that can be taken individually, or as a team, combined with live sessions to embed the learning and ensure that new skills are translated into day-to-day behaviours.

*Average self-reported improvement on course completion by Kademy members over a 12-month period.

Really like the interactive course formats – a mix of reading, listening, watching, and putting into practice while not feeling completely overwhelming and time consuming.


Very relevant, practical and insightful. Will definitely enhance the impact communicators can make on business partners.


Our Courses:

Keystone Communicator Series

A highly interactive, hybrid training programme that equips communicators with the core skills they need to be successful as a communicator today.

Keystone Communicator Series

Powerful conversations with leaders

Explore why these conversations are important, why they’re not going the way we need them to, and how we can change that.

Why business acumen matters

Delve into a number of topics that will develop your business understanding to set you apart from other communicators and increase your credibility.

Strategic thinking on a daily basis

Identify what being strategic really means and discover how you can integrate strategic behaviours into your everyday work.

Audience-driven communication planning

Learn an easy but effective communication plan that will enable you to set your projects up for success and measure the results.

Measurement for useable results

Uncover ways to overcome measurement barriers including time, talent, and tools and learn not just how to measure the most important things, but use that data in the most meaningful ways.

Facilitating change to meet organisational objectives

Delve into what it takes to be change-ready and elevate how you think about change obstacles and solutions.

Crisis communication: preparing for the worst

A crisis can happen to any organisation and crisis communication management is critical. You can’t wait until the crisis happens. You need to be prepared.

An insider's guide to comms

As well as covering everything you’d expect from an entry-level course – basic communication principles, common terms, key stakeholders – this course will give more candid industry and organisational insights, acting as an insider’s guide for those who are either new to communications completely, or moving into communications from another part of the organisation.

Writing: strategy first, creativity second

Take a step back from traditional approaches to writing, and reshape how you think about the whole writing process. By cultivating your strategic writing mindset and adding it to your already established creative one, you’ll take your writing to a whole new level.

Digital communications

Orient yourself and your organisation in the digital landscape and plan your path to ‘digital nirvana’ – where digital knowledge and usage are high and genuinely transforming the way you do business.

Developing managers who communicate

We know that manager communication is important. Our challenge is influencing others within the organisation, getting the right improvement programmes in place, and making them stick. This course takes you through Kademy’s 4-step process to ensure your managers are able and willing to be the communicators you need them to be.

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