Why business acumen matters

Delve into a number of topics that will develop your business understanding to set you apart from other communicators and increase your credibility.

Acumen transmet

Time to take the blinkers off

As well as any personal anxiety and uncertainty you may feel around a lack of business acumen, it’s also a frustration for business partners that their communicators don’t have an understanding of how their business works and the risks it faces.

This isn’t a slight on our communication expertise — it’s the result of our inability to merge that expertise with solving real business problems. This course will give you enough knowledge to be confident and credible in workplace discussions and more importantly, to help you use that knowledge and elevate the work you do.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand a variety of business and financial terms and how they apply to your organisation.
  • Apply business concepts to communication situations.
  • Analyse communication challenges from a business perspective.
  • Demonstrate increased confidence in your business acumen.

The technical stuff

  • Format: Virtual, on-demand using a combination of videos, assessments, exercises, templates, and discussion boards
  • Estimated course duration: 3 weeks (2 hours per week)
  • Access: Unlimited to members