Audience-driven communication planning

Learn an easy but effective communication plan that will enable you to set your projects up for success and measure the results.
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Save time by focusing on what matters most

Most of us agree that planning is important. A solid plan is your roadmap for meeting the objectives of any communication initiative.

But many of us also feel like we don’t have time to plan. And while this may be true, you need to find some if you’re going to elevate your role, your reasoning and your results.

Our six-step process diverges from the traditional ones by putting audiences front and centre. And while it will take you some time, our approach will allow you to concentrate on fewer audiences, fewer tactics, and fewer measurements–and that’s where you’ll save precious time.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand audience-driven communication planning.
  • Apply Kademy’s communication planning model to your own projects.
  • Segment audiences based on their levels of impact and involvement.
  • Set SMART communication objectives.
  • Make simple channel and measurement decisions.

The technical stuff

  • Format: Virtual, on-demand using a combination of videos, exercises, templates, and discussion boards
  • Estimated course duration: 4 weeks (2 hours per week)
  • Access: Unlimited to members