Measurement for useable results

Uncover ways to overcome measurement barriers including time, talent, and tools and learn not just how to measure the most important things, but use that data in the most meaningful ways.

Measurement transparent

Conquer measurement using a hands-on approach

Communicators agree that measurement is critical for credibility, proving value, and making informed decisions. But time, talent, and tools remain obstacles to establishing good metrics, and recent skills assessment results show that capabilities around measurement are still low.

This course has been designed around an intensive case study that you must complete and then translate across to your own organisation. By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Determine when and what to measure.
  • Choose the most appropriate measurement methods.
  • Interpret results leading to appropriate conclusions.
  • Create interesting and informative presentations of data.
  • Apply Kademy’s measurement thinking moving forward.

The technical stuff

  • Format: Virtual, on-demand using a combination of videos, exercises, templates, and discussion boards
  • Estimated course duration: 3 weeks (2 hours per week)
  • Access: Unlimited to members