Use data to make better decisions

Are you making development and hiring decisions on data or assumptions? To remain competitive and attract the best talent you need to:

  • Know what skills and capabilities you have across your whole team
  • Understand how you stack up against comms functions in other organisations
  • Ensure every individual knows where they need to improve and how to close the gap

Map your team capabilities
Our assessment tool enables every individual to identify their strengths and development areas, and provides results on an individual, divisional, and aggregated team level.

This data shows how your comms team stacks up and builds your reputation as a world-class function.

Focus your learning
Individual reports ensure that every member of your team gets clarity on their development opportunities and the support they need to excel.

A tailored learning plan unites the team around common goals and priorities, and overcomes obstacles standing in the way of your success.

Measure improvement
Tracking progress over time and against pre-defined KPIs ensures you’re focused on the right things and gives you confidence that your budget is making a measurable difference.

Take a deeper look

Take a deeper look

Our approach splits out skills (what you know) and competencies (how you get the job done) to give a uniquely rounded view of what it takes to be an exceptional communicator today.

Download framework.