Those of you who know me well, know I’m not one for gushy posts. But taking stock of the year as you tend to do in December, there are a few things that I’m particularly proud of and wanted to share.

The first is the Kademy Keystone Communicator Series. We’ve worked hard to create a new way for communicators to approach their planning that’s fit for today’s workplace and challenges them to pivot to more effective, agile ways of working. I’ve been in this gig a long time now and this feels like a really meaningful step forward for setting comms teams up for success and recognition.

Next, we’ve continued to leverage data from our skills assessment to gain new insights and benchmarks and use them to support comms leaders around critical issues including talent acquisition and retention, future skills, team development, and preparing for what’s looking likely to be a tough year ahead for many. We know the weight that having the right data to hand can bring to often tricky stakeholder discussions, so this has been a particularly important development.

Staying with comms leaders, our recent in-person comms leader event was an opportunity to share stories and strategies, hear from smart communicators doing incredible work, and realise how much we’d missed having that good old fashioned face time! We’ll be hosting more live comms leader events across 2023 to continue to build and support that network.

Also coming to fruition early in the new year is the new Kademy online learning platform – this is a biggie! Created in partnership with our members and reflective of their needs and priorities as busy communicators, it offers unique, hybrid learning; a fully searchable resource library; live team sessions; and an exceptional all-round user experience.

Finally, Kademy wouldn’t be Kademy without its people! Our members first and foremost, who choose to challenge themselves every day to be the best that they can be and trust us as their partners on that journey. And of course, the Kademy team…the knowledge, skills, attitude, and sheer determination of this extraordinary group of individuals inspires me every day, and their steadfast commitment to serving our members in the most valuable ways is something that will surely set us up for success in 2023.

As MD and co-founder of Kademy, I’m always interested in talking to comms professionals about their challenges, goals, ideas and thoughts – both on the industry in general and how we may be able to help. If you’d like to have a chat, please feel free to get in touch.