During Kademy’s recent webinar, “How to structure your comms team for 2023 and beyond,” our expert panel, including Claire Hyde, Head of Internal Communications at KPMG, and experienced comms leaders Julia Hart and Helen Humphreys, shared their experiences and answered questions on comms team capabilities, roles, and structures in the face of uncertainty going into 2023.

Here are their top pieces of advice when rethinking your comms team operating model and org structure – and a download of Kademy’s Guide to Org Structures for Comms Leaders.

1. Prioritise

Many leaders suspect they may be asked to do more with less in 2023. As you review your 2023 comms plans and strategies, take another look at the priorities you’ve identified and determine which of those are absolutely mission critical and how you’ll deliver them. Then review those that aren’t mission critical and work out if you really need to do these things, or if there might be a different approach you could take to get those things done.

2. Engage your stakeholders

You can never engage your stakeholders too early in your thought process when going through a reorganisation. You need to truly understand their top priorities, so you can protect the delivery of what’s most important to them as you lay out your new operating model. Be very clear with stakeholders about what your team will and will not do. Some will be disappointed but be ready with what Kademy refers to as “nuancing the no” – pushing back with reason (and preferably with data as well), offering alternatives, and focusing on what you are able to deliver for them.

3. Know what skills you have and what skills you need

Really think through what skills you have on your team and what skills you’ll need to deliver on your priorities. You may find you have a mismatch of skills and needs, so you’ll have to maximize the value of the skills you have and determine how to fill any gaps. The Kademy Skills Assessment can help by providing insights into your team’s strengths and development areas, so you can truly understand your team’s capabilities.

4. Don’t try to do it all yourself

Use your team well – their relationships with stakeholders and their knowledge of the business. Co-creating a new structure with your team will also help with early buy-in. Leverage ideas from other teams and organisations. Kademy’s member network often shares best practices and lessons learnt via leader roundtables – these are a great place to start.


Download Kademy’s Guide to Organisational Structures for Comms Leaders for more insights and inspiration on how to rethink your comms team operating model and org structure.