Personal coaching offers comms leaders and their teams a unique kind of development. The benefits of a focused discussion with an experienced, objective, and trained coach can elevate your work and improve your leadership, but there are still misconceptions about coaching out there. Below we bust some of the most common ones we hear.

  1. It’s too much work
    Every coaching session is one hour max. Although there are specific situations that coaching can help with, you don’t have to have a specific topic in mind or have anything pre-prepared for a coaching session – you just need to show up. Plus, based on the feedback from our members, it’s some of the most valuable time you can spend and will actually save you time and effort in the long run.
  1. I don’t need a coach to be able to do my job well
    It’s true. You don’t. But coaching isn’t about your day-to-day work. It’s about the bigger picture and identifying ways that you can take yourself from good to great. Coaches see things you may not. Remember, the most successful CEOs, athletes, and business people have coaches.
  1. I need to have a specific topic to discuss
    You don’t need an agenda for coaching. In fact, one of the benefits of coaching is uncovering the things you might not even be aware of, let alone thinking about.
  1. It’s a luxury
    Spending an hour focusing on how you can remove an obstacle or gaining an alternative perspective is not extravagant. In fact, it’s a proven method to problem solving, and enabling forward movement more quickly than would be possible on your own.
  1. It’s ‘fluffy’
    Every coach has their own coaching style and matching with a coach that has a style that suits you is an important part of the process. Some people need empathy and a soft approach. Others prefer a direct approach. Our coaches have a range of styles so that you can select the one that will work best for you.



Every Kademy membership includes ten hours of personal coaching. If you’d like to talk about structuring a coaching programme for you, your team and/or your leaders, get in touch.

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