Staging a return to the office is a focus for many organisations right now. Whatever they choose to do and however they choose to do it, there are common challenges we’ll face as communicators:

  • Supporting dispersed employee groups with varying levels of enthusiasm about getting back to the office.
  • Uniting employee groups who have had very different and potentially polarising experiences of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Balancing business needs with an ongoing and increased focus on employee health, safety and well-being.
  • Preserving the recent uptick in transparency and authenticity in leadership communications to enhance your organisation’s culture and reputation.

A major implication of all of these is that our most important linchpin in the communication wheel, our managers, are going to be carrying a lot more on their shoulders. Their ability to be good communicators has always been important, but as they guide their teams through the coming weeks and months, their load will be a lot heavier.

With many managers still uncomfortable communicating, what can we do to increase their competence and confidence in this area?

  1. Help managers believe that they can become better communicators. Many will think they’re simply not good at it, when the reality is that communication is something they can learn about, practice, and get better at over time.
  2. Reassure managers that you can provide tools and resources to help them overcome any obstacles or challenges they come up against.
  3. Encourage managers to apply what they’ve learned, learn from the experience, and try again. Provide guidance on how they’re doing and help them incorporate that feedback into their future communications.

Confidence comes from the actions your managers will then have the courage to take, so keep building their competence, and confidence will naturally follow.



At Kademy we’re creating a range of resources for our members based around a brand new 4-stage model, designed specifically to overcome today’s challenges around manager communication. To find out more email us at or call Katie on +44 (0)7425 693927.

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