As 2023 draws to a close, we’ve been busy planning for 2024 – and looking at how we can continue to best support our community of comms leaders and teams. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball. But we’ve identified four big trends shaping the comms landscape in 2024. And as it’s the season of goodwill, we thought we’d share them with you!


It’s all about AI

Are you fed up with AI yet? Hopefully not. Like the arrival of the internet, AI has – and will – transform the way we work. If 2023 was the year of dipping one’s toes into the AI waters, 2024 will see businesses get serious about AI adoption. At an organisational level, this means working out how it can be used, managed and governed. For comms leaders, this means setting out their role within that process.

At Kademy, we advocate for comms to be strategic partners in AI deployment, alongside IT, HR, and legal counterparts. With a unique understanding of your business and its people, you are well-positioned to guide your organisation to embrace the technology. Not only this, you need to determine how best to support your own team in leveraging AI effectively.

The questions we’ll be helping IC leads to think about in 2024 include:

  • Defining the role of comms in deploying and governing AI.
  • Identifying existing AI capabilities that can best serve comms teams.
  • Establishing what good looks like for AI-driven outputs.

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Change on change on change

Throughout the year, we’ve talked a lot about change, and we anticipate this trend will persist. The rapid evolution of the world, exemplified by the emergence of AI, impacts all businesses – and the comms teams that serve them. Dealing with uncertainty has long been part of the comms arsenal, but today’s current pace of change surpasses previous norms.

We believe this demands a revamped approach to change comms. Rather than treating it as an isolated or project-specific skill, we advocate for embracing change comms with a business-as-usual mindset.

Want to know how? Check out our practical tips for navigating big change in our special report ‘What’s changed about change communication?’.


Squeezed budgets and limited resources

It’s been a tough financial year – and the forecast is similarly harsh for 2024. Budget cuts, layoffs and company restructuring should be expected. We’ve seen how this has impacted comms teams already, with many forced to reorient in response to reduced employee numbers.

Navigating your team through such changes while upholding work quality and productivity is undoubtedly challenging. However, restructuring presents an opportunity to reset your team’s contract with the business and reinforce your function’s value.

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Demonstrating business value

Against the backdrop of budget cuts, it’s never been more important for comms to demonstrate its business value – a longstanding challenge for the function. Ultimately, business leaders want to see clear ROI and tangible outcomes like staff retention, new leads and sales conversion.

With AI and sophisticated software, endless data insights are available. But leaders need to make sure they are capturing – and feeding back – the most valuable insights. This means going beyond emails sent, posts published and clicks, impressions and views.

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Room for optimism

There’s no doubt comms leaders will face a host of challenges in 2024, but there’s good reason for optimism. As AI streamlines operational tasks, teams have more bandwidth for strategic work. Real-time data insights will make it easier to underscore the value of the comms function. Meanwhile, the supercharged change environment will enable a necessary refresh to change comms practices. No one wants to face uncertainty, restructuring and cuts, but this presents you with the opportunity to showcase your team’s genuine strategic worth to the business.


Get tailored support from Kademy in 2024

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