As 2023 kicks off, many find themselves in a new role – perhaps taking on greater leadership responsibilities, becoming a people leader for the first time, joining a new organisation, or even new to communications. While you’re likely feeling excited and keen to roll up your sleeves, even the most experienced leaders may feel a bit daunted and unsure about where to start.

This is where a 100-day plan comes in. Often referred to as a “plan to create a plan,” it’s a great way to create structure around your first three months while you find your footing. It’s important that you spend your time and energy as valuably as possible, while also giving your stakeholders confidence that you’re focusing on the right things during those initial weeks.

In Kademy’s guide, Creating a 100-Day Plan for New Communications Leaders, we work through four steps to creating your plan, providing tips and guidance along the way. We also explore some potential situations you may run up against and make suggestions for how to deal with them in positive, constructive ways. It’ll then be time for you to build your own 100-day plan, so you can lead effectively and deliver results.

Download the full guide to get practical advice on how to:

  • Identify and understand your key stakeholders
  • Gather enough insight to make recommendations
  • Deliver quick wins and contribute early
  • Build and get started with your own 100-day plan

Creating a 100-day plan for new communications leaders - download

This guide was adapted from Kademy’s Insider’s Guide to Communications learning series, which uncovers what you really need to know to deal successfully with communication challenges, handle the unexpected, and be one of the most valuable collaborators in your business.