Does it feel that you and your team are dealing with more complex “high risk, high stakes” communication projects?

Expectations on communication teams are higher than ever and remote/hybrid working has compounded the challenge. People coming up the ranks have had fewer opportunities to model and practice stakeholder conversations with senior peers – missing the all-important learning that’s so critical to developing professional competence. With more and more communication teams lacking the skills to effectively influence and advise stakeholders, there’s never been a more important time to fast track development.

Stakeholders are regressing to seeing us as executors of tactics rather than strategic partners, with many communicators battling overwhelming workloads, an inability to say ‘no’ to incoming requests, and frustration following difficult stakeholder interactions as a result.

How can we quickly close the gap and make the shift to being strategic advisors?

When the team at Kademy conceived the Keystone programme, we recognised the need for training that would create agile, results-oriented teams that are strategic in their campaign planning and execution. We’ve found that combining the “big three” strategic connectors has proven a powerful formula to accelerate the transition to becoming strategic advisors.

The Keystone programme brings together the “big three” strategic connectors:

1. Creating strategic value through communications

Developing business acumen as a core requirement for communication to create strategic value for the organisation.

2. Having powerful conversations with stakeholders

Partnering with senior stakeholders through a strategic briefing process to generate the insights needed to create the best possible comms solution for the business.

3. Mastering agile campaign planning

Using audience insights to connect campaigns to strategy, plan tactics, execute plans, and measure results.


Taking your team through this process will not only help them to discover the true value of communication and find inspiration in their work, but they will also start to develop more sophisticated skills: the ability to observe and read behaviour, use their insight and expertise to influence leaders as individuals and together as a team, and to make connections to why things are happening the way they are. They will also develop the confidence and presence to be able to speak “truth to power.”

That’s when we can say we’re true trusted advisors.

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