It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the current business climate – politics aside, information overload and cutting through noise are still the top challenges cited by communication teams. At the risk of sounding like a self-help guru, when we’re feeling overwhelmed, isn’t it better to focus on the things we can control? Like how our messages are landing with our audiences?

We segment audiences because we live in a world that’s over-communicated to. Rather than risk under communicating or being accused of not being transparent enough, companies moved to telling everyone, everything they can, even if it doesn’t directly affect them. The result? Very few messages land how they need to because we only have so much mind space available. Individuals just don’t know what to do first.

If we can segment our audiences effectively, they’ll only hear what really matters to them and that’s a big deal.

Most of us are segmenting already – by business unit, department, seniority, or geography. That’s fine, but in an audience-driven communication plan they don’t get to the heart of what communication might mean to an individual. What makes a certain topic really personal? And what are the triggers that would get them to change behaviour, which is ultimately what delivers business results? In Kademy’s audience-driven segmentation approach, those triggers are impact and involvement.

Consider this – will the person be impacted by what’s happening, and do we need them to be involved for the project to succeed? Unmanaged impact could lead to attrition, reduced productivity, reduced engagement. Impact produces emotions and reactions. The more impact, the more personal. Unmanaged, these reactions could lead to attrition, reduced productivity, or reduced engagement or the wrong things being done at the wrong time.

Why not try setting aside some time to think about how you can better understand your audiences? At the end of the year, wouldn’t it be great to say that you’ve taken some positive steps to overcoming information overload in your organisation?



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